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Potato and Meat


Two ingredients but a myriad of flavours. Proper chunks of potato married with beef steak mince in an unctuous gravy, all wrapped in a beautifully light, short-crust pastry.It’s no wonder it’s our best seller and has even starred on T.V.(Britain’s Best Bakery)


Locally sourced beef steak mince in a rich, flavorsome gravy, wrapped in a light short-crust pastry.

Steak & Onion

Locally sourced beef steak mince and chopped onions in a rich, flavorsome gravy,wrapped in a light short-crust pastry.

Cheese & Onion

Mature cheddar cheese, chopped onion, creamed potato. Light short-crust pastry wraps it in a feast of savory loveliness.

Chicken & Vegetable

Chunks of chicken breast mixed with peas, carrots, potato and onion in a rich, herby white sauce. Perfect on its own or as a nice summer treat with salad.


Locally sourced pork in a short-crust pastry case and that all important jelly to keep it moist. The only thing we don’t supply is the pickled onion!



Locally sourced pork with a hint of chilli and topped off with a cheddar cheese topping. Wrapped in a short-crust pastry case.These are just so moreish. Just add beer.



Locally sourced pork. Apple and cheddar cheese are then layered together in a wonderful, traditional taste combination, wrapped in a short-crust pastry case.Three ingredients just made for each other.

Chicken Tikka Massala


It’s said that chicken tikka massala is the most popular meal in Britain. Why not put it in a pie and take it on the go.Tender chicken in a fragrant massala sauce. Not too spicy. These really are family friendly.

Beef Bourguignon

Tender pieces of steak braised in red wine with garlic, onions, mushrooms and carrots. It may have begun as a peasant dish but this pie certainly belongs with the gentry now.

Chilli Con Carne

Ay Caramba! Everyones favourite Mexican dish. Locally sourced beef mince, red kidney beans, chilli pepper and all the flavours expected in a good chilli sauce.

Veggie – NO Meat and Potato

Everybody’s favourite cousin – it looks and tastes just like our best-selling Meat and Potato Pie, but here’s the thing – there is no meat!!
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